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HANDS FREE CHAMPAGNE. THIS IS sophistication, roboticised.

The art of gesture controlled technology harnessed for your entertainment

Communication is the fundamental instinct behind all human interactions. Here at Thirsty Thoughts, we’ve taken this core behaviour to the next level to bring you an easy-to-use interface between two of the most important things in your life: computers and alcohol. Through this unlikely relationship, we have developed the ultimate entertainer specifically designed to deliver a unique experience and an unforgettable event to be shared by everyone.

Matilda’s story began in a Bristol pub on a rainy November evening in 2018. Despite the cold, the door kept being left open exposing the Thirsty Thoughts team to a freezing draft. While thinking of ways to close the door without repeatedly getting up, the use of gesture control was suggested. This idea sparked debate into its drinks-related potential and soon the idea for Matilda, the gesture controlled champagne robot was born.

Eight months later and now fully developed, Matilda is ready to bring the latest in gesture recognition technology to parties and events all over the world, and to pour you your first glass of gesture controlled champagne.



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