How to make your brand Instagrammable

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Get your company on everyone’s story at your next event

Picture this: Your stand has a queue out the door, your attendees have their phones ready, and your brand is featured on all their social media stories. There’s no better feeling then when your event is over and you know you created the best experience for your attendees. The best part is, not only did you create a positive experience, but you also effortlessly made your company Instagrammable and your brand is now posted on several social media accounts for thousands to view.

Emaly Kuhn from Bluewater references this in an article called, “Why Brand Activation and Experiential Marketing Work”. She explains that when a company successfully executes a brand activation and experiential marketing campaign, the benefits have the potential to be enormous. One crucial insight she found is that when an attendee has a great experience interacting with your brand, they can’t help but post it. With a great experience, comes organic user-generated content for your brand.  

But the question is; what do you need to achieve this level of attendee engagement?

Instagram Story

The best approach to achieving this is to implement a compelling source of entertainment for your attendees. Think about it, what kind of content do you post on your social media story? It’s usually something that’s funny, mind-blowing, or entertaining enough that you can’t help but share it with all your friends. With that being said, you need something at your booth that has all these factors, and Thirsty Thoughts can help you do that.

In all of the events we’ve attended, our clients have had queues out the door, people with their phones ready to post on their stories, and have received shoutouts on social media for days after the event. Our mind controlled beer pouring robot, Homer, increased footfall to exhibition stands by an average of 370% in 2018 and it was posted on hundreds of stories. As a truly unique experience, attendees can’t help but record themselves trying it out.

Branded robot

Homer can be fully customised to align with your brand and has all the necessary components to create a positive attendee experience. Give your attendees something to post about and have them leave your event smiling!

Thirsty Thoughts is an innovation agency specialising in all things drinks. With a mantra of “no idea too outlandish”, we strive to make the absurd possible for our clients with the use of emerging technology. To learn more about Thirsty Thoughts visit our website

Ed Howell