Working up the brand pyramid - Creating memorable experiences for your customers

Working up the Brand Pyramid.png

How to amp your branding to resonate with customers

Brands are everywhere. They’re in all areas of our lives and we can’t escape them. Crafting a brand that sticks in your customer’s minds is a heavy task that takes strategy, persistence, and patience. One source to refer to while trying to kickstart or strengthen your brand is the brand pyramid featured in Rachel Farr’s article from MyDrink.

This pyramid is broken down into 5 parts:

  • Features and attributes

  • Functional benefits

  • Emotional benefits

  • Brand personality

  • Brand essence/promise

The most significant part to really grab your customer’s attention through your brand is to focus heavily on the emotional benefits. Consumers make the majority of their decisions based on emotions vs. rationality therefore, creating a brand that has a positive emotional connotation will work in your favor.

Our past clients who have hired our robot Homer, a mind controlled drinks pouring robot, have experienced ravingly positive reactions from their customers during their brand activations. What evokes more emotions than a mind controlled drinks pouring robot that REQUIRES using your brain power to achieve the perfect pour? At first, the emotions may vary from determined, curious, and even frustrated. However, once they have their cold pint in their hand, they can’t help but flash a smile.

Creating memorable experiences for your customers is the ultimate breakthrough whether your brand is still in its early stages or a household name. Give your customers a unique activity and make them want to do nothing but smile when they think about your brand.

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