A serial entrepreneur, a roboticist, and a neuroscientist walk into a bar...

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In the “About Us” section of our website, our story starts like this: Back in the blazing summer of 2016, a serial entrepreneur, a roboticist, and a neuroscientist went for a beer and a catch up in Bristol.

A year later, they walked out with the first mind-controlled beer pouring robot, built by innovation agency Strange Thoughts in partnership with the world renowned Bristol Robotics Lab.

Yes, this was the start of Homer, our mind control pint pouring robot, which with it came the inception of Thirsty Thoughts. But that’s not nearly the beginning of our story. Our story begins with our founder and CEO Seth Jackson. Seth is a serial entrepreneur who craves innovation and creativity. He founded our parent company Strange Thoughts, a creative agency for global brands, and coined the term “Radical Collaboration”.

We know what you’re thinking, what the heck is radical collaboration? Great question, and let me explain. Seth’s vision when creating Strange Thoughts was to not only foster creativity and innovation, but to do it in a way that was unexpected maybe even ridiculous sounding. Radical collaboration is the idea of taking brilliant minds from different areas of interest and combining them in order to come up with brilliant solutions to problems.

To get a better understanding of how radical collaboration fits into our work flow, follow this equation:


A great example of this equation in action is our work with Desperados. Their problem was they needed an idea that was out of the box and engaging enough to entertain a large and youthful crowd at a music festival. That checks of the first two parts of our equation.

The radical collaboration comes in when Strange Thoughts decided to combine a chemical physicist, a master programmer, and an experienced events crew. All of these areas of interest are seemingly unrelated, but when they are brought together and faced with this problem, you’d be surprised at what they came up with.

The solution to Desperados multi-fold problem was “Desperados Dance Hall Spectroscopy”. The result, a ground-breaking body scanning 360 dome which recreated the movement of particles in your body as you let loose, as seen here. With the help of radical collaboration we delivered a truly unique branded experience for thousands of engaged music fans.

Thirsty Thoughts is an innovation agency specialising in all things drinks. With a mantra of “no idea too outlandish”, we strive to make the absurd possible for our clients with the use of emerging technology. To learn more about Thirsty Thoughts visit our website https://www.thirstythoughts.co.uk

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Ed Howell