Six Unique Entertainment Ideas for a Memorable Wedding

Everyone wants their weddings to be special. You want your wedding to stand out, create a buzz and leave your guests talking about it for months to come with a steady stream of praise flowing your way on Facebook and Instagram.

But how do you do you break away from the bored looking DJs playing the same cliché songs (enough with Puppy Love) and the magicians who get just a bit too close?

We’ve compiled a list to show you six unique entertainment options that will transform your wedding into the party of the year and a moment that you and your guests will never forget.

Be sure to keep the overly-drunk uncle away from this dude.

Be sure to keep the overly-drunk uncle away from this dude.

1.     Fire Breathers

If you’re an adrenaline junky and want to add some firepower (literally) to your wedding entertainment, then how better to show it than by hiring someone to throw burning balls of flames around at your wedding! What could go wrong?

 2.     Tarot Card Reader

Have a tarot card reader gaze into your guests’ future to see if they’ll ever be as happy as you. A step up from a magician, tarot card readers are a great way to bring the mystical into your wedding while maintaining an elegant atmosphere.


Sophistication. Roboticised.

Sophistication. Roboticised.

3.     Champagne Robot

If you’re looking for something that is guaranteed to amaze and entertain guests in a way they’ve never seen before. Then this is it. Using the latest in motion control technology, Matilda, the gesture-controlled champagne pouring robot allows you to pour a glass of champagne with just the flick of your wrist. Taking the champagne toast to the next level of sophistication, Matilda is sure to serve your guests their first ever glass of haptically-poured champagne.


4.     Vodka Luge

A classic way to spice up your bar, a vodka luge may not be unique in itself but getting creative with the shape is where you can really show your guests something special. From the lewd and crude to the romantic and fantastic, a vodka luge is an engaging way to personify your drinks entertainment.


5.     Casino Tables

Like to think of yourself as James Bond laying down a royal flush at a Monaco Casino? Well this is your chance. You’ve got the tux, you’ve got the luck, you’ve got the bond girl (your lovely wife, congratulations!) now all you need are the cards. Set up some of the casino classics and add some of that Vegas glitz to your wedding.

Ready, set…

Ready, set…

6.     Duck Racing

This last one’s a quacker. There’s no better way to entertain guests at a country wedding than with the hilarious and age-old tradition of duck racing. You saw it in The Favourite and you have to admit, it looked fun. So why not splash out on something unique that appeals to everyone and avoid falling fowl of the older generations! Make your wedding the unique moment you always wanted and worry about the bill later.

There you have it, the Thirsty Thoughts complete guide to memorable wedding entertainment. While we probably can’t help with fire breathers and athletic waterfowl, we can provide you with the latest in robotic entertainment. If you’re interested in how we could make your wedding an even more memorable event, click the button below to get in touch.