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Back in the blazing hot summer of 2016…

..a serial entrepreneur, a robotics specialist and a neuroscientist went for a beer and a catch up in Bristol.

A year later they walked out with the first mind-controlled beer pouring robot, built by innovation agency Strange Thoughts in partnership with the world renowned Bristol Robotics Lab.

After seeing the success of the initial robot we formed Thirsty Thoughts, an innovation agency specialising in all things drinks. With a mantra of "No idea too outlandish", we strive to make the absurd possible for our clients with the use of emerging technology.

In the past 18 months, Thirsty Thoughts have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands including Google, Twitter, Marriott Hotels, Kozel and Innis and Gunn, creating fame through tech led PR campaigns and entertaining revellers at events across Europe with mind-controlled drinks.

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Our unique method of creation

We have a unique model of crowd-sourcing expertise from the cutting edge of technology and creative through a network which allows very different minds to co-create. This is where truly new ideas can thrive. We act as translators of talent enabling us to pair the perfect Thirsty Thinkers with every client's needs.

Rarely idle, our network is ever-generating amazing ideas, with many innovations ready to meet their ideal brand partner. We work only with the most innovative brand partners to deliver bold propositions, campaigns and executions, whilst providing the security of guaranteed delivery with all complexity taken on our side.

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