When our CEO, Seth Jackson, approached a neuroscientist and roboticist in 2016 and asked how feasible a mind-controlled beer pouring robot was they laughed in his face. Of course, being the persuasive smooth talker that he is, Seth started working on the concept within his own innovation agency Strange Thoughts and, with the help of said neuroscientist and roboticist, rolled out the first iteration of Homer a year later.

After seeing the success of Homer at various events across the UK the team started wondering whether there was more to this robot than just a bit of fun. In May 2018, two of Seth’s Strange Thoughts employees, Ed and Sam, took the plunge and asked if they could try turning this single mind controlled robot into a business…in July 2018 Thirsty Thoughts was born.

Now having reached the ripe old age of one, Thirsty Thoughts has a base in Bristol and London, a stable of drinks inventions and a frankly never ending collection of ideas for new ones.

Are you a thirsty thinker?

We’re always on the look out for new talent, whether you’re a client champion, event expert, phenomenal photoshopper or a radical roboticist.


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Thirsty Thoughts, Unit 103, 65 Glasshill Street
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